Sold character

I would like to sell myself to you.

I am a sexy Nyx Focused Nyx Pilot with skin: Nyx Spirit SKIN (Permanent)*
SP: 52,454,533
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Starting Bid 48 Bil
BO 53 Bil
the transfer will be paid by me from the card. Therefore, you get quickly the character and without delay


I am very sincere in acquiring this number.

If you are sincere to sell, you can negotiate a price that we can accept. I am waiting online.

ok i wait to your new price and we can do that.

I am ready for 51B

Ok. You can transfer to this character 51 bils and send in-game mail account name.
So i ll preapare to transfer character to your account

I have already put the money into the role of 2stnova, please transfer the account to cq15123585060.

Thanks, ISK received. I begin transfer

The transfer of the character started. Despite the fact that the character is still attached to your account, they can not play.

Character name: 2stNova

Time to completion: 07.27.2018 15:29:20

Please, check your email for your new account. There may be message with link.
Please confirm, when character will be received.

Are you receive character?

the character left my account. I think the deal is complete.

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