SOLD Close pls

bumps~ revenant cost 50B for building,komodo cost 160B for building now

Yep, BPC prices on the way down


Ehm no BPC prices on the rise bud, the BPC’s dropped in price cause nobody wanted to build them as building prices were high, thus making a stockpile of BPC*s amass.

Now stockpiles are being used and consumed so no, BPC prices are on the rise. Please check your logic before making statments like that. :slight_smile:

Sorry for going off topic

I dissagree Banana, your logic is wrong.
If there is a stockpile, then there are more BPC than the market can afford at that rate, prices of ships are dropping = BPC is to big of a chunk of the ships actual value… ships are also going to be expected to drop in value.

Send me the Komodo for 200, send to Roadwind. But that offer expires today

sorry ,you mean’s you wtb komodo bpc for 200b,and contract to Roadwind?

contracted to Roadwind,thanks


Just an interesting obervation, its in a station that isnt really used. One person logged in the whole system. When you dock 8 accounts is instantly logged in and the one in station follows.

Just a small warning, cant prove anything Lily, but it feels cheeky.

I don’t understand what you mean, you mean I take a lot of numbers as a pawn?

  • In the forum, I only use this ID,and in game,i never log in stsyem at 4-HW.

But thats literally what I am saying, Stockpiles are being depleted now that build prices has dropped, and thus the demand for BPC’s go up as there will be no stockpile anymore.

I have been told that you suspect me of using scripts, and I do not know what information you are basing this conclusion on. You can report me, but I only have two accounts .
I’m just a businessman,But I don’t do the Jita market(Even the last time I bought plex, I put an extra 0 in the unit price and lost 145B instantly ,crying)。 I’ve never mined or scrubbed, Why would you accuse me of using a script?

He is saying that the system the BPC was in is barely used. However, when he went there and tried to move the BPC there were 8 people who were in system likely trying to kill his transporter. @Mobius_von_Anka it was on public contracts so everyone could see the system it was in. Not hard to see someone buy it in forums and camp a system out.