(SOLD, delete post please)

I am looking to sell a skin that might be one of the last ones of its kind if not the last one of its kind still un-used in the game.

The skin is the: Republic Fleet Firetail Freedom’s Revolution SKIN

NOTE: This skin will probably ONLY be wanted by a collector so I am not looking for a quick sale here and I only want ISK as a payment.

So if YOU are a collector and you want this skin, go ahead and place your bid. No bid is too dumb. :slight_smile:

Can you explain the provenance of this skin for those of us not familiar with it?

You mean how I obtained it?
I got it as a reward for being in one of the top placements in a twitch stream quiz during last years Minmatar Liberation Games.
Image is a screenshot from twitch PM

bump :slight_smile:

Closed by request.