WTS Large Skin Collection @ 85% jita sell


I’ve collected a large amount of skins the past year from events, stream rewards, yadayada. I’d like to sell those for 85% jita sell as i’m not much of a market warrior myself.

Preferably selling the whole collection at 85% jita sell - Open to bids.

Your appraisal is way too high. I will start the bidding at mid, 4.4b

Bump :slight_smile:

Heya Kiki - Considering there isn’t traction gained by this post, i’ll take you up on your offer. You can reply here if you’re still in the same position.

Given the recent screenshots of the ship Skinr interface, right now the entire skins market is in limbo until we find out what were getting. It would not be wise to invest in skins right now, so I have halted all my skin purchases until the expansion.