>>SOLD: Exceptional Pilot - Capital Ships (Less Titan) / Sub Capital Ships / Science & Industry [SOLD]<<

Bump Up you Go

Going Up>>>>

I thought you were insane for your asking price on your other character. Now I realize you are delusional.

He forgets we can just buy 9 or 10 100mil SP characters instead for that price!

this man unironically said no to a legitimate 350b offer. my god hes actually insane.

If you think his asking price is too much, then it’s because you’re poor.

That being said 500B is probably a bit too much, but price is subjective!

Good luck with the sale! I have a few characters like this I will be listing next year at this time.




Going Up>>>

You are selling a 13 year old toon. Given the SP, that sounds about right. I hope you get the price you are looking for. LoRDFoXX is amazing but way out of my price range. =) My main does a little of everything, but it sounds like that is the “wrong” way to raise a toon.

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Going Up.

400B :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Hey bro. Can you accept my offer for 400B?Could you give me an answer to the deal。

oops :slight_smile: thats becoming interresting

@95baba that’s a good offer and close to what I have in mind.

So can we make a deal? :grin:

In-game message sent.

455B This is my last offer