>>SOLD: Exceptional Pilot - Capital Ships (Less Titan) / Sub Capital Ships / Science & Industry [SOLD]<<

357 Mil SP

Asking Price = 400 Billion Isk

NOTE: Recent update has freed up 9,800,784 SP for redistribution into skill areas of your choice.

Please no low-ball offers. I’m not interested in extraction values. This character is worth far more.

Usual Eve rules, I will pay transfer fee.

Skill Sheet: https://skillboard.eveisesi.space/users/a67ea91b-0167-4655-9999-011332d98c82/

2008 Character.

Positive security status.

Positive wallet.

No kill rights.

I am in Jita 4-4. NPC Corp.


All neural enhancements at level 5 less Cloning Facility Operation (level 3).

All fleet support at level 4/5.

All rigging at level 5.

All sub systems at level 5.

All drones at level 5 less Heavy Fighters (level 4) & Salvage Drone Specialization (Not Purchased).

Can mine all ores - Subject to next expansion.

Can scan at level 5.

Can build all ships except Titans.

Can build all player controlled Outpost’s and Components.

Can manufacture all drugs.

Can research at level 4/5 in most science areas.

All planet management at level 4/5.

All structure management at level 4/5.

All clones (7) located in/near Jita. Some clones have level 5 implants.

Currently running 6 x Level 4 Research and Development Agents (Lonetrek area) researching Graviton/Quantum Physics Datacores.


Invulnerability Core Operations.

Medium Vorton Projector.

Vorton Power Amplification.

XL Cruise Missile Specialization.

XL Torpedo Specialization.

Fast Talk.

Criminal Connections.

Distributed Connections.

Mining Connections.

Sleeper Encryption Methods.

Sleeper Technology.

Takmahl Technology.

Talocan Technology.

Triglavian Encryption Methods.

Triglavian Quantum Engineering.

Yan Jung Technology.

Advanced Mass Reactions.

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Daily Bump for this amazing character.

Daily Bump for this character who can flying everything (except Titans).


The problem for this account is that the world has moved on. Nowadays people want subcap, cap, dictor alts on seperate accounts. The days of one specialist as everything has been and gone. For your asking price, someone could get all of those alts and still have isk to spare. (I’m in the same boat to some extend on my main (this is an alt), and have been melting it down a bit).

Take my feedback as you want, but something to consider.



Hey Dominoz,
Many thanks for your feedback.
Sadly, there may be truth in what you say. I also think that in an extractor era, players would much rather asset strip a good toon and utilise SP either for the market or to boost their own toons. Perhaps an unintended consequence by CCP when introducing a new game dynamic. Even melting science/Industry SP from this character to keep him more PVP focused would not address your statement on single utility pilots. I do have an interested buyer who may be in a position to purchase in the latter half of this year. Meanwhile we have agreed that Foxx should go on the Character Bazaar to see if the 1% of the 1% is looking for a high caliber toon to scorch a path across the eve universe.

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Daily Bump.

This character is amazing. But I also have to agree with Dominoz. It’s just like T2 BPO, legendary but not that useful for ordinary player. Good luck!


Daily Bump for the 1% of the 1% looking for an amazing character.

my 280b b/o

Way too low but thanks for the offer.

Daily Bump for this awesome character.

Really nice character. I actually have the same SP as you and I can tell you that there is a market for people looking for high-end, rare character like yours and mine.
I wouldn’t sell mine for less than what you are asking for. Just don’t be in a rush to sell, you will find someone eventually, even if it takes 6 months.


Cheers Mashie Saldana
As Foxx is no longer part of my gaming dynamic, I am quite happy to put him on a back burner, game with my other toons and wait for the 1% of the 1%.

Daily Bump for an excellent character.

Daily Bump - Foxx is waiting for the 1% of the 1%.

Daily Bump - Doesn’t time fly :sunglasses: