>>SOLD: Exceptional Pilot - Capital Ships (Less Titan) / Sub Capital Ships / Science & Industry [SOLD]<<

Thank you for the offer - still some way to go.

Daily bump for the excellent toon.

Daily Bump for this amazing toon.

Daily Bump for this superb character.

320bil offer in-game. Thank you sir but way too low. Daily Bump for Foxx.

Daily Bump for the Foxx. A fine character for the elite.

Daily Bump for Foxx…Excellent toon skills.

Daily Bump for Foxx…Amazing toon.

Daily Bump for Mr Foxx - A brilliant toon for the 1%.

Daily Bump for Foxx.

Daily Bump for Foxx.
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Time to Bump for Mr Foxx.

Just so you know if someone offered 350b you’d be robbing them & should take it. No one pays a premium for really high sp, it’s not worth it when you could just buy multiple accounts

Noted thank you and already discussed further up the post chain.

Daily Bump for Mr Foxx. A toon extraordinaire :sunglasses:

Up for the Bump is Mr Foxx.

Mr Foxx going for a Bump.

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Mr Foxx is up for the Bump

Mr Foxx is up for the Bump.

Heading for the top - daily bump :uk: :explodyparrot: :uk:

Bump for the top…