>>SOLD: Exceptional Pilot - Capital Ships (Less Titan) / Sub Capital Ships / Science & Industry [SOLD]<<

Come on, let’s go

Sorry, bro Your skills are different from those I need

In game offer sent

Sorry, bro I withdraw my offer 。 he get me :grin:

I would give my left kidney for that price!




Up again>>

Asking 400Bil>>>>

Going Up…

Bumping up>>>>

To the top>>>

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this has to happen at some point :slight_smile:


Nice Pilot man will surely find a buyer eventually there are some still looking for jack of all trades can do it all pilots if i had the isk id bid free bump

Removed a reply.

Please do not use someone else’s WTS thread to post your character for sale. If you wish to put up a character for sale, please do so by making your own sales post and ensure that all the character bazaar rules are followed.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

free bump

Up for the bump.

@Chen_Z Thank you for your offer but looking for something a little higher.