SOLD Focused 42m SP Avatar Pilot

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec. Status
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Located in Jita
High-Grade Slave, HG-1008 and some 6% (see the skillboard link)
Deathglow Hunters & Headhunter Skins

Start 50B
B/O 70B

45b :smiley:

46B Deal

47B Deal :smiley:

47.5 Deal

47.6 deal

47.7B Once more

48 )))

Don’t do that, man

U always can b/o it for 70b :smiley:


I quit bidding and you go on.:百胜:

Nooooo…try to bid once more :smiley:





If you still want it you can have it for 50b.

42b. Offer good for 12hrs.

If you’re available, I’d like to discuss purchasing this pilot in-game.