⭐ SOLD FOR 13 BILL Gallente NYX & almost titan Sitter - Compliments of Daltzi

:star: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/eli_Chancel

PW - Linux

1 hour away from sitting in a Erebus Titan

Can also sit in Nyx

has Jump Portal Generation 4

Set of +4’s Minus Charisma

Locate in High Sec

No kill rights

All corespondence is to be made in forums only

I pay transfer fee to be paid via CC

Confirming I am for sale

10 Bil offered

Does Character have the skillbook?

No i do not have the skillbook if i did it would have been injected

Daily Bump


12 Bil offered

B/O Lowered to 13 Bill

13bil b/o.

buyout of 13 bill accepted

please send isk and info to this character , I will initiate transfer shortly

Isk and account info sent.

Isk & info received

please confirm transfer here

Plz start transfer, will confirm receive when I received.

transfer has already started please confirm transfer

Received, thx.

sale concluded

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