WTS Gallente Carrier Starter 7m SP

Focussed carrier pilot from 2012

The expensive skillbooks are already trained!

Located in Jita 4-4.
No Kill rights.
No Jump clones.
Positive wallet.
2 Remaps available.


Starting bids 8B


I’ve got some bad news for you, this worth like 6b.

one bump

5B got isk can send now.

5.5B b/o

Still open, looking for more

6.1 Billion ISK.
edited when I realized the skillbook was in there.

Are you still selling, Nyx?

7b, feel free to eve mail me to negotiate.

8 bill isk

9 bil

10b offer for 12 hours

Still selling

11 bill

I am for sale again.


bump, looking for good offers