(Sara Brandie) #1

Selling Myself!


All skillbooks are already there, just make a skillplan, or start injecting!
4 Races of carrier injected!(2.5b ISK!)
LOADED High grade slave pod with 8% Armor!(6B+ isk!)
Headhunter Nyx Skin!(7.5b ISK!)

Lets start bidding at 8b
Entertain me with buyouts.
I cover transfer per ccp.
7 Days from posting or I hear a price I like.

(SoulHunter smith) #2

im tempted to buy but you have no fighter skills also the carrier skill is not trained

(Sara Brandie) #3

I believe I stated that. Skillbooks are already there. This is a “STARTER” Character. No where did I say its ready to fly. It has 15B+ in extras being implants, a rare skin, and all skillbooks needed. 4 races of carrier skills and capital skillbook is nearly 2.5b. Alll fighter skillbooks are there as well.

(sabastyian) #4

10b offer

(Lockout) #5

11b b/o for next 36 hours

(Lockout) #6


(HilsterAUS) #7

11B B/O

(Sara Brandie) #8

I’ll accept that. Deal. Awaiting isk/account name.

(HilsterAUS) #9

At work at the moment, will transfer ISK when home (just under 10 hrs from now). Will mail account details for transfer - please confirm this is acceptable.

(Sara Brandie) #10

That will work, I cannot initiate transfer for 24 hours, I will be on a drill rig in a mine in roughly 9 hours. If that works let me know, if not I understand.

(HilsterAUS) #11

That’s fine, I’m in oil and gas (onshore), so understand time constraints. I’ll transfer ISK at end of shift and await your reply. Just let me know if there’s any dramas

(Sara Brandie) #12

Will do. I’ll watch for the message then mail you in game that I got it.

(HilsterAUS) #13

11B ISK transferred, account details mailed in game - please transfer when possible

(Sara Brandie) #14

Isk and account name received. Will transfer after work, roughly 11 hours from this comment, and update post.

(Sara Brandie) #15

6/29/2018 4:51:52 AM UTC
Credit Card
1 x EVE Character Transfer

transfer started.

(system) #16

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