Sold out!

Perfect NYX pilot.
8 Skins
Full High Grade Amulet set

Skills at 5:
Capital Ships
Gallente Carrier
Jump Drive Calibration
Jump Fuel Conservation
Jump Drive Operation

Start at 40B
B/O; 50B

I Pay the transfer fee

Сharacter is in NPC corp, Positive Wallet, has no Kill Rights and location in Perimeter .

Let the auction begin!

44B offer

If you can tell me where the pod with the high grade set is located and is in a good position. I’ll buy you out for 50b now.

He is in Perimeter IX - Caldari Constructions Production Plant
I can start transfer if send isk today!




Wait a couple days, if no one makes a bet you won.

Sorry I had internet issues. my B/O for 50b still stands. If you confirm I will start transferring isk immediately

Confirm that, I can start transfer character tomorrow morning.

Isk sent! awaiting transfer

Isk received. send me account name please.

sent ingame.

transfer started

Character received. t4t.

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