WTS - 41M Erebus/Nyx Character

(Mira Tawate) #1

Selling myself:

Gallente Titan V
Gallente Carrier IV
Amarr Titan III
T2 Capital Hybrid Guns
Comes with Slave Pod located in Hisec
3 Remaps

Notable Skins:
Capsuleer Elite XV Avatar
Glittering Dream Erebus
Glittering Dream Nyx

I pay transfer

Comes with no assets other than the plugged in Slave set.

Current Offer: 45b

(Mira Tawate) #6

Thanks Atharnal, offer of 45B is noted.

B/O is 48B

(Mira Tawate) #8

Alright, waiting to receive ISK.

(Atharnal) #10

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(Mira Tawate) #11

Transfer started