[SOLD] FOR SALE: 2008 Clean Character

DOB: 2008.02.03
One of several trial characters I made years and years ago and like my past relationships, never committed to.

Wallet Balance: 830 ISK
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None
Character Location: Kisogo
3 Neural Remaps available
911,688 SP (46k unallocated)
No kills or losses
Whimsical name

Asking 2.5b starting price, 5b buyout.

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Hardly anything is trained.

Even so, its required

No ■■■■, try scrolling up.

2.5 billion ISK offer.

I see a 2.5b offer. Bumping and setting a 72 hour timer, if nobody else bids then it’s yours Lana.

Bump, 50 hours until sale to Lana.


24 hours remaining, current bid is 2.5b.


Thread will re-open after 24 hours.

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@POleGazer, I am still interested in the character. I see the thread was temporarily locked. By now, the term you stated has passed. Please confirm your acceptance of my offer so I can send you the ISK and target account details in-game.

Please send the 2.5 b ISK to this character in game, and let me know what account name you’re using and Ill start the transfer.

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Funds transferred and target account information sent via eve-mail. I will await the transfer. Happy Christmas!

Thanks for the ISK, the character transfer has begun, happy Christmas!

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Character received, thank you for the business!

@ISD_Drew next time you begin thinking about closing a thread, try actually thinking about it. In this case, the seller bumped and also highlighted the 24 countdown mark. The bump was also 20 hours after the last one, so you closed the thread for a 4 hour time discrepancy on a post that wasn’t even a mere bump, but a bump with added info.
Your ISD powers are bestowed upon you by CCP to use in good faith and good conscience, not to abuse them to stroke your ego. This is not the first time I’ve seen you blatantly abuse ISD powers.
Try using your brain and educating yourself. Reading a book once in a while and going out helps. Merry Christmas to you too and I hope you become a better person next year!

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