[SOLD] Harvester Mining Drones (450 mil each) [SOLD]


Item Harvester Mining Drone
Quantity 2 (minimum buy: 1)
Current price 450 mil ISK (each)
Location Jita 4-4
Method of exchange Private contract

Post here or send an EVEmail in-game if you’d like to buy one or both and I create the contract as soon as I see your post or mail.


Jita sell is now 450m

Lowest Jita sale price is almost 600 mil at the moment.

Thats Dodixie…

Are u drunk?

Hmm not sure I used type search without selecting a region so not sure why it brought up a region limited search. Oh well 450 mil then.

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I offer 800m for both

That is a reasonable offer. Still I’d wait to see if a better offer comes in. How long does your offer last?

forever if the market doesn’t change no rush. :ok_hand:

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Contract up.


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