WTS Mining Drone II BPO 10/20

WTS Mining Drone II BPO ME10/PE20

Mail me ingame,
Will sell to the best offer that isn’t overbidden in 3 days, that meets or surpasses my target.

40billion buyout

Evemail sent

Got 1 offer for 45B (area), one for 60B and 2 for 75B.
My target hasn’t been met yet, but it’s getting close enough I don’t expect that to be a problem.

I’ll keep it anonymous, people can react ingame or in here when they want.
I’ll check again in 2 days


Lol, it’s been a while since I was in an action, here goes:

Object: Mining Drone II PBO, ME10/PE20
Mode of transfer: trade or contract in Jita 4-4
Highest bid sofar: 80B, so that’s the start
Increments of at least 1B isks :slight_smile:

I’ll announce here when the hidden target has been met. From that moment the auction ends when no-one has overbid in the next hour. I’ll check daily at around 19:00 EVE time.

GL :slight_smile:

Target has not yet been met.

bump again

Offering 81

Mining Drone II PBO, 90bil

90B, my reserve has been met.

It’s late, I can’t check again tonight. I’ll check again tomorrow afternoon. Without any new bid, the BPO goes to Dart Lady. I’ll start the 1-hour sniper period tomorrow when I check in again.

Sorry for not looking more often :slight_smile:

consider the sniper period started.

and period is done, Dart Lady will be the proud new owner of a T2 mining drone bpo :slight_smile:

BPO has been delivered, thanks for doing business Dart Lady.

10k plex has been contracted to plex for good. It looks like Mariupol won’t be the last city in Ukraine that will know hunger :frowning:

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