[SOLD] Ice Miner - 7.5 mill SP

I am selling myself.

Financial status: Positive wallet
Location: Jita
Sec status: Positive

Eveboard link

Dedicated Ice miner.
– Ice harvesting lvl 5
– Mining barges lvl 5
– Decent drone skills
– Flies all industrial ships.

Taking offers. Will sell to highest bidder.

Ends 18.4.2018 latest or sooner if price is right.

I’ll start you off at 4.5B

5b offer

hello, 5.5b my offer

5.6b offer

Thanks everyone for your bids. They are good.
I received an in-game bid from Luna -Llena for 6 billion ISK.

I will accept that unless someone bids more right now. I’m able to do a transfer pretty much right away if needed

6 bill is highest bid. Going once…anyone ready to bid more or…going twice…?

Last chance for the next bidder

can it mine mercoxit?

This charcter was focused on ice mining mainly. The character cannot currently mine mercoxit.
HOWEVER, only one skillbook is missing to be able to: Deep Core Mining

Level 1 already gets you started. So it’s a pretty quick fit to get going into that if that’s what you’re interested in :grinning:

6.1bil if u can wait till i finish work in about 3 n half hrs

6.1 bill bid accepted!

Just message me when you’re ready. I should be around then as well.

lel… 6.2B ready now

There’s still room for space honour. :grinning: I feel compelled here to commit to the bid I accepted with @izardx_Madullier izardx Madullier for 6.1 bill.

I will stay true to that acceptance. Thanks anyway @Qo_noS

thank you, asoon as i get in from work, ill message on here

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lmao i offered you 6b on my other char and he over cuts me by 100m and you’re quick to accept without contacting me or letting me re view the topic after posting…

i’ll give you 6.5b isk ready now.

Isk sent! and email sent for the char transfer

Thank you

Can you confirm receipt?

@izardx_Madullier Confirmed receipt of agreed ISK. Thank you.

I also received your evemail. Starting the transfer procedure now

Ok, transfer has been completed. You should get an email shortly informing of the character arriving to your account. Thanks for the purchase

got the email thank you!

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char received, thanks!