SOLD in progress

Great all around skills! orca pilot, can fly variety of ships t2 guns, logi, drone skills !

Starting 14b Buyout 16b…

Can fly variety of ships good all around skills such as: pvp, scanning, logi, and more

  • Positive Wallet Balance
  • Character position - Jita 4-4 (HS) will put where you want!
  • No Jump clone
  • No Kill rights against me, but have kill rights?
  • Security Status POSITIVE!
  • Will be NPC corp before any sell!!

GREAT ALT OR MAIN! pw: sale123

need password for eve board


13b offer.

13.2b offered

hoping to get a little more! thank you for offers I am thinking


Imhotep Polymath is in a player corp called “Keepers of Kor Azor”? I thought you have to be in an NPC corp to sell a character? Has CCP removed that rule in the last few years or something?


will be in npc corp before a sell

Will accept 14B let me know if you are buying! Mattis_Mattis

alright, ill sent account info and isk shortly

ok going to jita and will be in npc corp

isk and account into sent

character being transferred paid. fly safe

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