Sold, Lock

Auction for Ripped Soul Bidding started at 140bil. Unplug amount is roughly 160bil.
Here is a link to my eveboard:
Some of the talking points:
I have a few skills of interest: Armor (minus Cap RR Hull 4) MAXED
Navigation Maxed,
Rigging Maxed,
Scanning Maxed,
Shields minus Capital emissions Maxed (Cap shield op to 5 now).
Subsystems Maxed,
Targeting Maxed.
—Caldari Carrier 5, Caldari titan 5, Jump freighters, Amarr Carreir 5, Command ships 5, MANY OTHERS.

Security status is at 0.3
Caldari, minmatar, amarr and gallente standings good to travel anywhere.
Remap is available and it also has one bonus remap. Spec’d right now for Perception and Intelligence (32+26)

Wallet status is positive. No killrights. EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE CORP HISTORY (None).

Character born 2008, skills trained not injected.
Character has a cool name as well.
Character has Good standings
Clones: Improved full set + Cal navy mindlink // Standard full set + Republic fleet mindlink // Improved full set with federation navy mindlink // Improved full set with republic fleet mindlink // Improved full set with federation navy mindlink.

BO is going to be 185 bil/

150b isk

looking for real cash or isk?

50bill help out to noob =]

how mach more

I’m such a noob at math…When I calculate how much PLEX I should buy I end up with having to buy for almost 20.000 euro’s PLEX to buy this character for 180 bil.

That must be off…I’ll get it right, and will use my comment here to find back this threat when I’m ready.

Edit: made a new calculation and now I get that I need to buy for 3 million euros PLEX lol.

I’m so bad maybe I dont deserve this char lol

Edit2: 500 PLEX = 20 Euro’s 20 / 500 = 0.04 Eurocent for 1 PLEX. 1 PLEX is 3.1 mil ISK. 180 bil / 3.1 = 58.064 PLEX. 58.064 x 0.04 euro = 2.322 Euro’s That’s the monetary EUR value of this char I think. That’s a bit too much for me, but doesn;t sound unreasonable! A great eve char is worth more than a holiday or high performance PC…hmmm maybe at some point I will go for this offer. Good luck!

If you can tell me, how much 200 plex is going for?

so how many plex do you reckon 185b is? XD

The bidding will begin at 140, disregards other offers, they are older.

Nice toon 140b

Thanks for the start off!

Retracting my offer

Thanks for the bid!

Bump, still taking bids

145bil ISK
Online now

Thanks! but if I don’t meet my unplug price at least, I’ll just do that. Thanks for the interest though