SOLD 12.7 million sp character

Want to sell my character, Have a offer for 6 billion so far.
Positive 1mill wallet balance
A few skins
No kill rights for sale, Potential for 2 that expire in about 28 days
Location: [Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy]
One low sec jump clone

6.5 bil

7 billion

7.5 bil

7.5 billion highest bid so far Meridthal is winning

The auction will go for like 2 days, I have to manage all my assets :slight_smile:

Offer from a friend for 8 bill, he is now in the lead

a friend of mine also offers 12bil for it :rofl: serious offer from a friend

he does?

I dont know much about this but why would it go from 8 bill to 12bill XD, Wouldn’t it go to 8.1 bill or something?

They are pointing out the ridiculousness of you saying “I have a higher bid” without proof.

yeah, i wouldnt trust it lol, someone gave me a message in eve and then left

Meridthal with 7.5 bill is winning untill someone puts a higher bid in this forum thread.

what about your friend’s offer for 8bil? hahahaha

They messaged me in eve so i cant really trust them to follow through. Quick update I now have a jump clone in Amarr Oris and my current clone is in jita

Almost done selling my important assets, still going to be some left. Is that ok? Talking to you @Meridthal

I will accept the offer of 7.5 billion after I finish my assets and learn about char transferring @Meridthal

@Pep_Potts Do you know where i can find a guide on all this?

Buyer sends you an evemail with username ingame & the ISK (to the character being sold)
You transfer the isk off to another character

Log in to
Bottom of the page, choose character transfer.
Input the username you were given
Pay the fee

Then you get a notification that it will be 10 hours before it completes.

I can use my other chars as normal right? and how much is the fee. 20 dollars?