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(bredforwar) #1

For sale are a total of 5 characters, but the new forum won´t allow me more than two links so here I am spamming 5 different threads.
I am well aware of the extraction values, any bids below the respective starting bids I´ll simply ignore. All auctions end at 8pm UTC Wednesday, if the minimum bid is not met they´ll go into the grinder.

All toons have positive Sec Status, positive wallets and are sat in Jita.

SP 73,376,337 (300k unallocated)
Remaps: Yes (Eveboard shows none, ingame shows remap available)

bredforwar is built as a Cap toon with some extras, he flies a fantastic Carrier/Super and has basic Dread skills, but is also ready to be Logi (at V), print ISK in a Haven Smartbombing fleet or fly a near perfect Tengu/Rattlesnake (with perfect shield skills).


  • Amarr/Minmatar Carrier IV
  • Near perfect Engineering, perfect Armor and Shield skills
  • T2 Fighters/Fighter Bombers
  • Logi V, Excellent Rattlesnake/Tengu Ratter
  • Can fly HAC/DIC/Ceptors/Covops (all IV) with decent Gunnery/Missile skills

Value: 67.5b (as per today on
Starting Bid 60b
B/O 69b

Look for Alexia Gengod, bredforwar, Laura Morphias, Samwise Gengod and Maria Raholan for more fantastic toons!

(Tony Corleown) #2


(Tony Corleown) #3

contact me ingame

(Tony Corleown) #4

67.5 b/o offer

(bredforwar) #5

accepted, awaiting funds and account info

(bredforwar) #6

Funds and info received, initiating transfer now