bumped !

Added Jump Freighter construction set

Retracted got turret and siege for 3.5b

Goodluck with sales!

sorry that is too low and offer. thanks though

still all for sale open to reasonable offers especially for bulk buying

still selling

still for sale

Looking for homes for these fine BPOs

Bump bump

Lots of bpos for sale still. open to decent offers if buying in bulk

still for sale

Prices cut still open to offers for bulk

Still for sale

still for sale :slight_smile:

Could I a contract for:

1x Turret Hardpoint
1x Capacitor Battery
1x Siege Array
1x Ship Maintenance Bay
1x Corporate Hanger Bay


could i get:
Capital Armor Plates 10/20 - 1.5 Bil
Capital Turret Hardpoint 10/20 - 1.9 Bil
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/20 - 2 Bil

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