*SOLD, PAIED AND UNDER TRANSFER* WTS 22,8M SP Femal character Amarr


Current Location: Trytedald

No assets

-2,57 sec standing

Selling this character because I didn’t remember this account (My first ever) after a long break. Made a new account and then after some time I remembered this account.



@Liginy_Vandes I can do 8.5b right now

9 bill

Current higest bid is 9.75 bil (in game offer via mail). The auktion will end tomorrow 17:00 Server time.

10 big ones


Winner Jester Heki at 10.1 B

Isk and Info sent.

If you are still taking bids, 11B

Character under transfer. Transfer started 2021-04-28 05:48 GMT

Confirmed transfer in progress, thank you!

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