**SOLD** Pending transfer WTS 74mil SP gallente carrier/frieghter/dreadnaught pilot

Born 2009.01.03
0 isk wallet balance
No kill Rights
Character sitting in +4 implants in egghelende.
Clone in Jita 4-4 +4 implants

Can Mine, can science, can anchor.
Very close to being a rorqual pilot.

Starting bid at 50bil
Buyout 80bil

90mil buy out now ~ are you sure??
:yum: :yum: :yum:

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95mil :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m out 100M

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42 billions

Holy frickin newb mistake. Thanks ya’all

if you can get a legit bid of more than 75b, i’ll self destruct :rofl:

Aww your so sweet. And helpful too. What kind of bid do you think is realistic, based on her SP, and ability?
I looked at the cost in plex to extract the skill points, and went from there.
It’s not like there is a good guide for estimating, just kind folks like yourself giving kind tips and advice.

Good first shot, but I think we both know she is worth more then that!

I feel so dumb, thanks for the catch!

That would be a hell of a deal! Thanks for catching it.

Thanks for the tip, I can’t believe I did that!

Updated price

43B 24H effective

can’t see specific skills so It’s worth the price at best
See which boats are available It is not a specialized number

44 bill

Take a look at the “ships can fly” tab.
I tried to load the other skillboard, but it won’t let me log in.

Can you link a proper skillboard please?

I would love to, but evei won’t let me log in, I have sent a couple mails to them, for assistance.
the “log in” tab, just wont link. Have tried chrome, and firefox.

They fixed it for me! Link is active now.