[CLOSED - WTA] 62+ Mil SP PvP, Leadership, T3 and Dread Pilot

PvP and Leadership focused pilot. I can fly a Gallente Dread as well as Gallente and Caldari T3 ships. LOTS of unallocated skillpoints available to make this toon what you need!

This Character has:

  • Over 62 Mil Skillpoints, 61+ Mil Applied, Over 1.1 Mil Skillpoints Unallocated

  • 294 skills, 66 at level 5

  • One Attribute Remap available

  • Positive wallet at transfer

  • Positive sec status

  • No kill rights

  • Plus 4 Implants

  • 1 Jump Clone

  • Docked in high-sec, Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

  • All roles removed, in NPC Corp

  • www.eve-appraiser.com value 08/22/2017: 57,260,886,107


Starting bid.: 52 Billion
Minimum…: 500 Million increments
Reserve…: (Hidden Until Met)
Buyout at…: 59 Billion

Auction ends: TBD

This character will receive the isk and I will be paying the transfer fee.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and to accept or refuse any offer.

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Price reduced and auction extended!!!

I am interested in this, require more time before funds are available. If this is available in 30 days i may extend an offer.

Sounds good, auction extended.

lmao, this dude said the same thing on many other posts… enjoy holding the bag if you gonna wait for him… hahaha

I am in no hurry, all offers considered.


Price reduced due to updated appraised value today.



nice toon!


47.5 bil

48 bil



Thank you for the offers, will leave the auction open for another day or 2.