Sold pending transfer

Probably the best name in the game…or not, you decide,

All character transfer rules apply.

No kill rights, no assets, pos wallet balance, no standings issues for or against, no skins, no hair, just cool space goggles and a great smile.

Ready for immediate transfer to your eve online account.

4b b/o, online now, immediate xfer

edit: has 1 remap and 1 bonus remap, no implants boosters or jump clones

bump for my friend

3.5 bil

sure, send an in game mail with the acct you want me to send him to and 3.5 b and i will ship him right away

is this thread still open, are you still for sale, I will match your 3.5 offer if buyer doesn’t want to continue, msg me in game

account name sent, iskies sent

Sorry,account name and isk sent from this char; i was logged on a different account

ok, i will get on it right away and repost to confirm

isk and acct info rec’d, character sold.

05 Mar 2018 06:14

Kunth was shipped to your acct at the time shown, it will take about 10 hours for him to arrive in the acct name that was mailed to him. Enjoy and thank you :wink:

toon has a new home,thx

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