SOLD - PI Toon - All PI Skills at Level V - 5.5m SP

(Pen Maxius) #1

All 5 Planet Management skills trained to LEVEL V, for a total of 4,352,000 PI skillpoints

In NPC corp, located in High Sec

Will pay for transfer

Offers over 3 billion, will accept a reasonable BO

(necocat Meow) #2

3.6b ready right now

(Plex-Skillpoint-Service Trading) #3

4b avail.

(Pen Maxius) #4

Hi Plex-Skillpoint-Service Trading

Offer accepted, its late here, so let me know if you can proceed in the next couple of hpurs.

(Plex-Skillpoint-Service Trading) #5

Confirmed. will wire the money and the details in the next 20 min. 07
(edit>it is done)

(Pen Maxius) #6

Confirmed receipt of ISK.

Transfer of character started

Thank you o/

(system) #7

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