Sold please close


For sale : 2009 Character

12.9 Million Skill Points

Angel Dragoon skill link :

                         password : open2me

Highlights :

  • T2 Exhumers and Mining Barges with t2 crystals
  • T2 Ice Miner
    *Good Drone Skills
  • ‘Highwall’ Mining MX-1005 implant
  • all + 5 implants ( except +4 on social )
  • 4 remaps available
  • Exhumers, Mining Barge , Gallente Industrial, and Spaceship Command, level 5
    *Mining , Ice harvesting, Reprocessing and Reprocessing efficiency level 5
  • Drones, Light Drone Operation, Medium Drone Operation and Avionics level 5
  • Good PI skills to generate semi passive isk
  • 11 days from Orca
  • 23 days from flying a freighter ( freighter skill book injected and trained to lvl 3 ) just needs advanced spaceship command to lvl 5

If you are looking for a productive addition to a mining fleet , look no farther. Angel Dragoon can mine Asteroid Belts or Ice Fields with great efficiency. Due to cut backs in corporate needs, Angel Dragoon is now available to fill your mining and Planetary Interaction needs.

Per CCP and forum rules:

1.) positive wallet balance
2.) No kill rights
3.) Character located in High Sec
4.) No Jump clones
5.) Seller will pay transfer fee
6,) + 0.3 security status

Starting Bid: 10 Billion

B/O : 12 Billion ( lowered )

Still up for grabs

10b ready to go

Thank you for the bid. If you can sweeten the offer just a bit, it is a done deal.

Bump looking for quick sale need the open slot :slight_smile:

Offer 10.5b

sounds good.
please send isk and account info

10.6 ready to go

agreed please send isk to this account and please send an in game mail with acct info

Isk sent, acct info sent

isk recieved will start transfer

transfer initiated.
10 hour wait per CCP

Thank you and enjoy your new pilot


Character received. Thank you.

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