****SOLD*** Please Close

As title says can use tech 2 large beams starting at 10B
will pay for transfer
Any eve mail offers send to Viktoriya

B/O 15B

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11 billion.

11.5 b

12 billion.

12.5 b

Confirming i am for sale

also i am on a 24Hr Quit corp timer due to access rights

all bids before and after the timer has expired will be considered

12.6 bil

toon seems to be popular at least :smile:

12.7 b

12.8 bil

12.9 b

13 bil

13B is mighty enticing, I’ll hold out for anyone who can bring Bigger Numbers for a fair shot

13.1 b

13.1 is highest bid, Pizza’s lookn for a new home

13.1B is really tickling my spot, Any other bidders in the verse?


We got 13.2B by the Gentleman above, Pizza can also run Assault Frigates and bombers

13.2 is highest bid, anymore bids out there

Placed a B/O at 15B