****SOLD*** Please Close


(Viktoriya Madeveda) #1

As title says can use tech 2 large beams starting at 10B
will pay for transfer
Any eve mail offers send to Viktoriya

B/O 15B

(Perpetualed) #2

11 billion.

(Sisa Amatin) #3

11.5 b

(Perpetualed) #4

12 billion.

(Sisa Amatin) #5

12.5 b

(Pizza Planet DeliveryBoy) #6

Confirming i am for sale

also i am on a 24Hr Quit corp timer due to access rights

all bids before and after the timer has expired will be considered

(TxivYawg1) #7

12.6 bil

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #8

toon seems to be popular at least :smile:

(Sisa Amatin) #9

12.7 b

(TxivYawg1) #10

12.8 bil

(Sisa Amatin) #11

12.9 b

(TxivYawg1) #12

13 bil

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #13

13B is mighty enticing, I’ll hold out for anyone who can bring Bigger Numbers for a fair shot

(Sisa Amatin) #14

13.1 b

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #15

13.1 is highest bid, Pizza’s lookn for a new home

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #16

13.1B is really tickling my spot, Any other bidders in the verse?

(Alexander Linton) #17


(Viktoriya Madeveda) #18

We got 13.2B by the Gentleman above, Pizza can also run Assault Frigates and bombers

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #19

13.2 is highest bid, anymore bids out there

(Viktoriya Madeveda) #20

Placed a B/O at 15B