5.5 Mil SP PI Planetary Interaction focused farm pilot

The skill points currently stand in game at 5,586,781 and focused solely on PI

Timezone UK GMT
Buy Out or Highest Bid on Sunday 17/2/19 downtime wins


Selling Myself
Good Name and History (202/262 days in two corps)
Positive wallet (55 million)
No Kill rights
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 0.0
Located in : Sarum Prime in fitted Epithal (ship comes with sale)

I will pay transfer by card, used for this account to-date.
Alt Account which I will transfer the Isk to is Mikieus Monieus

Starting bid 2.5 bil
BO 5 bil

2.5 bil

Hope to conclude this sale by Sunday

One more day to express interest, auction ends at downtime Sunday.

3b buy out

Thank you for your buyout offer Master Collector, if would consider 4 Billion, I would find that acceptable and initiate the transfer immediately.

Given that you are missing one lvl 5 skill in PI and cyber I can hit 3.5 to split the difference.

Hi Master Collector

Ok that works for me, as soon as you transfer the isk I’ll respond and initiate the transfer process.


Ending today at 11 Downtime

Master Collector, if you are ready to proceed with the character transfer, please respond to this topic.

offer withdrawn

Molliner Jakuard I’m presuming are the alt of Master Collector?

No, was hoping to cash in on the fact they hadn;t replied however withdrew offer as got another bid accepted elsewhere

Than you Molliner Jakuard, for the response :slight_smile:

No worries - hope your buyer isn’t messing you about

Did you get this character sold?
I’m willing to buy today for 3.6bil.

HI Scarsan Stripes, thank you for your offer.

As I’ve not heard from the previous offers I am happy to accept your offer, I can conclude it tonight by initiating the transfer. Please update this topic when you have sent the isk and I will update this ptopic with the transfer notice.

Again thanks for the offer, much appreciated.

Oh man, what a bummer! I just bought the last one I needed. I have a friend looking for a toon like this, I’ll pass him the link.

I appreciate you informing me so promptly, thanks again and fly safe. i7

is this character sold?