5.5 Mil SP PI Planetary Interaction focused farm pilot

3.5 Bil sure buyer here. I am usually online around 2:00 to 16:00 Eve time.

3.6 Bill.

Hi Re ally, thank you for your bid

As this has over ran from the weekend due to bid not being followed through I am happy to accept your bid. If you want to send the isk and update this topic, I will initiate the transfer as soon as I see it. When you send the isk, send an ingame mail with the account you want this character transferred to.

Much appreciated Mike


Isk and account name sent.

Re ally

Thank You Re ally, ISK has been received and forwarded to my bank alt Mikieus Monieus, on this character buddy list.

Transfer process has been paid for and initiated, and receivd receipt

“You have chosen to transfer the character Mikieus Mendius to the account named ********”

Thanks again for your fast responses and payment.

Kind regards and Fly Safe Mike

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