SOLD - Please close

Selling myself.

Some great things about me:

  • Max jump skills

  • Max Minmater freighter and JF skills

  • All LVL 5 Fleet support skills

  • Several LVL 5 marketing skills

  • Can fly Rorqual and use mining drones

  • Has some Production and Resource Processing skills

  • 3 Remaps available


Pilot has positive wallet and sec status. No kill rights.
Isk will go to this toon per rules.

B/O: 60b

Post here or convo me ingame.

53 bil

55b and he is yours.


Looking for a little more than that.

Nicey Nice. Great stats!

Deal agreed in game.

ISK and account name sent via in game mail.

Character transferred and isk received.

Character transfer confirmation email received. Thank you for the fast transaction and fly safe!

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