SOLD Please Delete Thread

(Bud Smoking) #1
Pass: 1234


He’s got perfect rorqual skills.
He’s got a set of implants with Mining Foreman Mindlink (Perfect boosts for pilots)
He flies interceptors to get around easier in null.
He flies a VNI.

Bid Starts at 23bn
Buyout is 27.5bn

(Vonlongdung) #2

I’ll pay buyout price.

(Bud Smoking) #3


(Vonlongdung) #4

Isk sent.

(Bud Smoking) #5

Account info recieved and isk. I’m beginning the transfer process now. Thanks!

(Bud Smoking) #6

Transfer has begun.

(Countess VonDracula) #7

Why is this character for sale in 2 different threads?

(system) #8

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