Sold Please Delete
PW: 1234

39.2m SP

  • Gallente Carrier 5
  • T2 Heavy, Light, and Support Fighters
  • Caldari & Amarr Carrier Lvl 2
  • HG Ascendancy Pod
  • Genolution Pod
  • MG Talisman Pod
  • LVL5 Standings for Gallente Faction
  • JDC 5 and JFC 4
  • Positive wallet, no killrights, character is in jita.

Starting bid: 45b
Buyout: 50b

45 Bil

45 bil Retracted



heck, ill do the 50b buyout

send account name and isk to Elonia, i’ll transfer as soon as i get home.

Mail and isk sent

Has the process been started? haven’t gotten any confirmation from you from in game.

Character recieved.

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