42.8 Mil Skill Points
Including 1.25mil Unallocated

Focused Nyx Pilot
Can also fly Aeon and Wyvern

Feature Skills:
-Gallente Carrier V
-Fighters V
-Light Fighters V
-Heavy Fighters IV

-Mid Grade Talisman pod
-Genolution Pod

Positive Wallet

4.9 Security Status

Born in 2007

No Killrights for this toon.

Annual remap available in 6 months

Character is in Jita 4-4

Bidding starts at 45bil.
Buyout at 52bil.

When bidding ends, isk will be sent to this character and the process will be started as soon as possible.


Le Bumperino

Still available at participating Walmart locations.

I want it.I can offer 42B,because that’s all I have.

Bump of the century. Current Bid 45B

If you could sell me $45 billion,I can sell some PLEX.

It’s me on top.

Pretty sure bidding the current bid doesnt quite work @cb01_lee

Either way, 46b

Oh,It’s a great pity to me.

Auction Closed. 46B final. Send isk and account name to Elonia Starfarer. Transfer will be started as soon as possible.

isk and account name sent

Transfer started

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