[SOLD] Price check with possible sale / 16.9M sp 2010 toon


(Tani LaDiva) #1

Good evening!


Almost 17M sp
1 remap avaliable
Positive wallet and sec stats.

I would be very grateful for the PC and, depending on the offer, gonna sell.

Thanks a lot!

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #2

13 bil

(Kigori) #3

Bid 13.5 for Tani

(Tani LaDiva) #4

@Kigori, 13.5 sounds good to me. If you still interested, we can make a deal.

(Kigori) #5

Isk sent with Acct info in reason box,

(Tani LaDiva) #6

ISK received and character transfered. please confirm, Sir.

(Votineque) #7

Confirmed, I just got the Email,

(Tani LaDiva) #8

You welcome. Thanks and fly safe.

(system) #9

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