[SOLD} 18.6m SP Industry / Market Character


Looking for a 10b isk buyout.

7 bil offer (because you do not have standing with caldari for trading at Jita 4-4)

True - will cancel sale for now to focus on some connections for another plex

Gabaini, will meet your payout of 10b.

Hi, I’d be happy to process this if you are still interested!

I can do right now 9b, isk ready

Hi, my offer of 10b still stands.

Isk ready as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Stephanie, I accept your buy out at 10b isk, please transfer in game to this character and send me an eve mail with account name to send to please!

Isk and account name sent to Gabaini Izia.

Thank you! Transfer has been started. Expect within 10 hours :slight_smile: Cheers

Confirming character transfer is in process. Nice doing business with you!


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