SOLD PvE/PvP Char 95,7 SP


I want to sell this char (PW is 848484)

Positive Wallet
Located in J 4-4
1 Jumpclone in low sec

Standing with Gallente and Minmatar is > 7 (able to fly Lvl 5)
Can fly Minmatar carrier (lvl 5)

Starting Bid 81B
Buyout 85B

Happy Bidding. Please post here or send in game mail.

82 bil

83 bil

84 bil

GZ Zazzel. I accept your offer of 84B. Pls send the ISK. Char will be transferred within hours.


Sending ISK and account info via in-game mail now.

Money received. Transfer just initiated.
Fly safe

Character transfer email received. Thank you!

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