[SOLD] Rare Invented BPC - Broadsword 8/18 - 3 Runs

Do you remember when you invented something and it was always -4/-4, unless you had some decryptors making it slightly better.

They patched that in oktober 2014, now you will get much better results for your hard work.

But what happend to those already invented BPC? Well, they got a non-reproducable boost.
So this Broadsword BPC is a 8/18 - 3 Run. There is no way of getting a BPC like that ever again, and therefor this is intresting to collectors.

So a 2/4 - 1 Run is currently selling for 9m.

So please start your bidding on 30m fot this fine print. I got 5 of them.
Print 1 - 100m
Print 2 - 105m
Print 3 - 115m
Print 4&5 - 125m

Agreed upon an offer by mail.
Will set contract as soon as possible

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