Sold Remove

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #21

bump it

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #22

Still available evemail me

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #23

bump it

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #24

Offer what you think is fair. ill negotiate a price

(Temp Itonula) #25

What rigs?

(Titan Fires) #26

I’ll pay 60 billion ISK if you bring it to BWF-ZZ beanstar. Horde space.

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #28

no rigs. I built it and have a travel fit on it. sorry for the late reply.

I also updated price for those wondering. i just want to get rid of it. i built it for myself and have no use for it.

(Ahmed Yassavi) #29

Hey mate,

Sent you an evemail ingame with an offer.

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #30

still for sale. willing to lower price in a keepstar