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(Jacob en Cedoulain) #1

sold remove

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #2

Bump to the top

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #3

Bump it up

(Ormand Sis) #4

Low or null keepstar?

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #5

null sec

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #6

Still for sale

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #7

bump it up

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #8

price lowered


50 b bid

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #10

thanks for the free bump

(Chamomile Tea) #11

what keepstar dumbass

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #12

2XI8 can be moved in the drone lands but thanks for the free bump loser


What region dumbass

(Michael Roeleveld) #14

let me dotlan that for you


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(Jacob en Cedoulain) #15

Dont worry Michael. Rus is just a whiny little pissant who cant take the initiative to look up a system to see where the DRONE REGIONS is… you know like the title says. He is just a Grade A idiot


You are just a spodbrain botter that used this rag for rmt reasons. Sent it to CCP for review.


(Jacob en Cedoulain) #17

haha jealous much?? sorry your life is worthless there RUS. Trolls will be trolls i guess

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #18

bump to the top. Evemail me is better than on here but eventually i check here. Hit me up for offers. and no i wont asset safety it for you

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #19

bump it

(Jacob en Cedoulain) #20

no 50bil is too low. bump