Sold - sold

Highlighted Skills

Industrial Reconfiguration V
Drone Interfacing V
Mining Drone V
Drone Navigation V
Mining Drone Specialization V
Plus Others

Highlighted skills that need a boost

JDC V (In training 28 days remaining)
Drone Durability V
Capital Industrial ships V

All Support skills included.

Location: Jita 4-4
Sec Status: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Wallet: Postivie
Remaps available: 2

Nices Names
Wearing cool Triglavian suit

Starting Bid 14b

Auction end Sunday 28th/10 20:00 eve.

Buddy Dave is to receive the ISK and you seller to pay the transfer fee

14b isk

I will bid 14.1b.

20bil B/O isk ready

21bil ready B/O ready


Up to the top.

Up to the top.

Fadic highest @ 22b

Auction closing @ 20:00 eve. 28th/10 Today

Please modify post per CCP rules to include that Buddy Dave is to receive the ISK and you are paying the transfer fee. Once done I’ll transfer ISK.


Please send ISK & account details to Buddy Dave & i will start the transfer.

Thank you

ISK & Account info received

Transfer initiated

Thank you

ISK transferred acct details sent. tyvm

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