WTS 36.8M Rorq Gal Cruiser Pilot


Great drone/mining skills
T2 Indy core
PI trained
good ISK maker

50,000SP to spend.
FULL SET Standard
3% mining yield implant
1 remap now, 1 available on 3/31/19

32bil ISK starting bid
BO offers considered
Ends Thursday 3/14 so you can play with toon this weekend.
Pilot located Kasrasi 0.6 secure space
has positive wallet upon transer
I will receive ISK and pay xfer fee
All other CCP rules apply.


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29 bil

Thank you for the offer and starting it off. Daily bump :slight_smile:

30 bil

daily bumpage

30.5 bil

32b …

thx for reaching the min Freya, ending less than 24 hrs. sometime in afternoon GMT -5. will post one hour prior.

33B ready

33.5b ready now

Thank you Vicky & Freya. I will be ending this auction at 5pm EST, GMT -5, to give you a heads up. Hopefully we can connect immediately then. GL

if either of you have scheduling conflict with that time please post now, I would like to be fair to both of you.

Auction over

Freya Falconi please send Buddy Dave 33.5b ISK and account info to transfer to. Post here once complete please.

ISK and mail with the account information has been sent to Buddy Dave.

ISK received on buddy dave and character transfer initiated.

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