WTS 34msp near perfect rorqual/orca/prospect pilot for mining good pi

EveSkillboard (char is in npc corp - esi to update shortly)
pwd: 1234

Location: Jita 4-4
Sec Status: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Wallet: Postive
Remaps available: 2

Nice name
Wearing cool Triglavian suit

Starting Bid 19b
Buyout 28b

Auction end Sunday 26th/09 20:00 eve.

Comrade Dave is to receive the ISK

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You’re going to wait until September 26 anyway?

Added Buyout 28b

I would like to complete the transaction as soon as possible, the price of 28B is too high for this number, I will transfer the money as soon as I deliver 22B.

22b bid noted, FAXCVV highest bid

23b offer

I’ll pay the 28b buyout. @Comrade_Dave

ISK & Acct info sent.

Confirming isk received Artarek Spectrah Char transfer initiated. Thank you

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Character received successfully, thank you!

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