Sold - sold

Highlighted Skills

High Speed Maneuvering V
Evasuve Maneuvering V
Plus Others

Highlighted skills that need a boost

Jump Freighters V (In training 51 days remaining)

All Support skills included.

Location: Jita 4-4
Sec Status: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Wallet: Postivie
Remaps available: 2

Nices Name
Wearing cool Triglavian suit

Starting Bid 10b

Auction end Sunday 28th/10 20:00 eve.

Power Lips is to receive the ISK and you seller to pay the transfer fee


Up to the top.

Is there B/O price?

10 bil bid

11B offer

12B offer

13b offer

14 B offer

Up to the top.

Rorg Hakaari highest @ 14b

Auction closing @ 20:00 eve. 28th/10 Today

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15B bid

Janus Plouton

Please send ISK & account details to Power Lips & i will start the transfer.

Thank you

ingame mail sent.

isk sent

ISK & Account info received

Transfer initiated

Thank you

Char received. Thank you

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