Sold sold
pw: 1234

-No kill rights
-1 Remap available
-Currently in Jita
-JC in EIMJ-M I - Insane Asylum II
-Sec status 5.0
-7.17 with Serpentis

-Caldari Cruiser V
-Gallente Cruiser V
-Medium Hybrid Turret V
-Minmatar Destroyer V
+Good Fitting skills

Buyout 15b

13 bil

sorry outbid

ill bid 13.5 if i still can

Fine by me Zazzel hasn’t contacted me yet.
Send isk to zacheus and include account name you want character to be transfered

isk and account info sent

Character Name: zacheus
Will be completed after: 2/27/2018 11:30:59 AM

recieved transfer mail, thanks

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