Sold sold

(Zacheus) #1
pw: 1234

-No kill rights
-1 Remap available
-Currently in Jita
-JC in EIMJ-M I - Insane Asylum II
-Sec status 5.0
-7.17 with Serpentis

-Caldari Cruiser V
-Gallente Cruiser V
-Medium Hybrid Turret V
-Minmatar Destroyer V
+Good Fitting skills

Buyout 15b

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #2

13 bil

(Zacheus) #3

sorry outbid

(Larissa Blake) #4

ill bid 13.5 if i still can

(Zacheus) #5

Fine by me Zazzel hasn’t contacted me yet.
Send isk to zacheus and include account name you want character to be transfered

(Larissa Blake) #6

isk and account info sent

(Zacheus) #7

Character Name: zacheus
Will be completed after: 2/27/2018 11:30:59 AM

(Larissa Blake) #8

recieved transfer mail, thanks

(system) #9

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