Sold sold

(Total Miner) #1

Post an offer if you’re interested, thanks.

Sec Status 0.1
Wallet Balance 1.1m
Currently a member of The Scope Corp
No Killrights
Next remap 4.27.19

(Alidi) #2

I’ll B/O for 3.8b. I leave for work in 20 min.

0609 PST I am omw to work wont be back for several hours. If you accept Ill send isk and info when I get home.

You also need to post the Sec status, Wallet Balance, That char is in a NPC Corp, any Killrights on it, and next remap.

(Total Miner) #3

3.8 offer accepted. Send isk and info and we’ll get this done.

(Raynor Aileron) #4

Isk & account details sent.

(Total Miner) #5

ISK received. Transfer initiated. Thanks.

(system) #6

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