[SOLD] Thank for your interest


(Emilie Stormwind) #1

Hello everyone,

My story :blush:

I always been a good alt character who completly fill the desire of my owner.
But I need new breath from someone who will make me discover new space.

My qualities :sunny:

Good dronery skills
Good navigation skills with JDC V
Thanatos ready with T2 Fighters
Moros ready, need some optimization
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status
Located in Jita 4-4 with +4โ€™s
3 remaps available !

Beside the capitals skills I can be a good prober too and subcap drone player.

Find my book here : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Emilie_Stormwind

My starting bid to get my services : 26b
But you can directly by me : 34b BO

Auction will end next sunday (20/05) at 12:00 Eve Time

(Maizie Fields) #2

26 billion!

(Donald Aihaken) #3

how much left to fly erebus

(Emilie Stormwind) #4

66 days exactly or 9 injectors

(Erin Evenmoore) #5

35 billion buy out offer if you accept.

(Brock Khans) #6

A fun feature of eveskillboard is on the ships page. Find the ship you want to check, if itโ€™s got a white filter on it, go ahead and give it a click and it will show you how long to train into that ship based off the current attributes lay out.

However it doesnโ€™t account for half trained skills (yet)

(Emilie Stormwind) #7

Offer accepted :slight_smile:
Waiting ISK and account info

(Erin Evenmoore) #8

ISK and account info sent.

Awaiting transfer.

(Emilie Stormwind) #9

ISK Received, transfer in progress

(Erin Evenmoore) #10

Thank you

(system) #11

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