SOLD Trader focused tycoon

(Sheeza-Got Mahwallet) #1

I am for sale!

Name: Sheeza-Got_Mahwallet
8,608,995 SP
Positive Wallet
No kill-rights
No implants
No jump clones
Two remaps
Positive standing
Location: Amarr
Player in NPC corp
Pretty clean employment history

Nearly perfect trading skills

I will pay transfer fee
CCP rules apply.

Starting bid: 4.5 billion ISK
Reasonable buyouts will be considered

(Donald Aihaken) #2

6b b/o

(Kaelzor Blackhook) #3

6.5 offer

(Sheeza-Got Mahwallet) #4

Thanks for the bids.
@Kaelzor_Blackhook, I can accept your bid. Please respond here asap and we’ll get you sorted.

(Donald Aihaken) #5

7B if it has caldari standing

(Sheeza-Got Mahwallet) #6

@Donald_Aihaken It’s a bare character in the regard of standings sadly as you can see from the character link.

If you’re interested despite that, make an offer.

(Donald Aihaken) #7


(Sheeza-Got Mahwallet) #8

I’ll accept that. Please send the ISK to the character along with the account details to where the character will be transferred.

(Sheeza-Got Mahwallet) #9

No response from previous bidders. Nice.

Character back up for sale

(Chase Chen) #10

6 bil can trade now

(Sheeza-Got Mahwallet) #11

Accepted @Chase_Chen. Please send the 6 bill to the character along with the account details to where the character will be transferred and I’ll get it done right away

(Chase Chen) #12

6 bil isk has sent and account infomation has sent by email in game.

(Sheeza-Got Mahwallet) #13

Received both account info and ISk. Thank you.

I have initiated the transfer now. Enjoy the character

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Sheeza-Got Mahwallet

Will be completed after: 5/24/2018 8:30:27 AM

(Chase Chen) #14

Transfer has done, thanks.

(system) #15

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